CNN just released the incredible portraits of reconciled Rwandans shot by our friend, celebrity portrait photographer Jeremy Cowart.  During the recent shoot for our new documentary on Rwanda women entrepreneurs, Jeremy joined our team to produce this gorgeous photo essay entitled “Voices of Reconciliation.”  We are incredibly thrilled by the beauty of his photos and honored to get a mention on CNN’s World photo blog.  Please click here to see the CNN photo essay and make sure to click on the “Story” tab at the top right of each photo to read the translation of the messages written by the Rwandans.  Below is the first photo in the essay.  Innocent, left, killed the brother of Gasperd, right during the 1994 genocide.  Today, after participating in the As We Forgive Rwanda Initiative, they have reconciled and even consider one another friends.  The message written on their arms reads, “Love is a weapon to destroy evil.”